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Congress and Champioships


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All papers presented at World Water Safety Congress

September 2007

Porto - Portugal





Drowning Classification - Basic level


Lifesaving for Surfers


Every thing about resuscitation - Guidelines 2005


20 years of Lifesaving Services - Rio de Janeiro


Drowning Prevention


Drowning Algorithm - BLS


Drowning Algorithm - ACLS

  Drowning Article "How well does a national newspaper reporting system profile drowning?"  

Drowning - How well does a national newspaper reporting system profile drowning?


We lost our FATHER. The man who created Resuscitation, Intensive Care e Pre-Hospital Care - Dr Peter Safar - We will miss you! Thank you for teaching us how to save the most precious thing - LIFE.


Evaluating Drowning Victim




Beach Safety and Information Flag   ILS


Lifesaving Techniques Video (down load)


In-water Unconciousness - Video


In-water conciousness - Video


On-land first Aid - Video


Acqua-Ride - Rolling down the river


Drowning - Book Chapter - "Textbook of Critical Care, 5th edition" por Mitchell P. Fink, Edward Abraham, Jean-Louis Vincent, and Patrick Kochanek.


Drowning - New definition published in WHO Bulletin


Drowning - Papers presented on World Drowning Congress - Netherlands - 2002


Drowning - Recommendation from the World Drowning Congress - Netherlands - 2002


Drowning article from the ACLS Book


World Lifesaving Championship - Italy - 2004


State Lifesaving Championship - Rio de Janeiro - 2003


V National Lifesaving Championship, II South American & IV International Symposium - Tramandaí - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - 9 to 11 - December - 2005


Body Surf Championship - Recreio - Rio de Janeiro - 2005


State Lifesaving Championship - Parana - 2006


Lifesaving Congress - Taragona - Espain - 2003


Lifesaving Congress - Mercosul - Montevideu - Uruguai - 2003


Lifesaving Congress - Venezuela - 2004


Lifesaving Congress - Alicante - Espanha - Set 2005


IRB Rescue Course - Fire Department of São Paulo (Guarujá) - Brazil


Jet Ski Rescue Course - São Paulo - Brazil


Pool Lifeguard Course - Rio Quente Resort - Goiás - Brazil (photos)


Basic Lifesaving Course - Ceará - Brazil


Pool Lifeguard Course - AFPESP - São Paulo - Brazil - Prof. Carlos Smicelato


Celebration Lifeguard Day - Ten Cel Prates


Diferent Types of Lifeguard Towers


School First Aid for Kids


IX State Swimming Coachers Meeting for Lifesaving - FARJ


Drowning Mortality - Unicef (dowload)


Woman in Lifesaving


Lifeguard Museum - Photos


T-Shirt Lifeguard Museum


PDIC - 15 years Celebration


Cat Fish Trying to Swallow a Basquet Ball in USA


In-Water Resuscitation - Article


Ressuscitation - World Consensus - ILCOR 2005


Ressuscitation - Worls Consensus - Brazilian Researches


Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil - Golfinho Project - 2004/05


Lifesaving - Historical Photos


Lifesaving Service in Cartagena - Spain


Lifeguard Communication Signs


Surf-Save in Guaeca São Sebastião - Brazil


Surf-Save in São Vicente - SP - Brazil


Surf-Save - Fire Department - São Paulo - Brazil


Surf-save - Girls Go Surf - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


Lifesaving Towers


In-water Spine Cervical Injury - Immobilization Techniques in video  1 / 2  / 3


Utepas - A Training Course to Helicopter Water Fall


International Lifesaving Federation - ILS Articles

Communicable Disease Avoidance for Lifeguards -- Methods of protecting yourself, written by a Centers for Disease Control staff member and former ocean lifeguard. (Dobbins -- September 1997)

Drownings in Hawaii 1993 - 1997 -- An epidemiological study of drownings in Hawaii. (Dr. Dan Galanis 1999)

Evaluating Near-Drowning and Drowning Victims -- A study on classifying the severity of victims and determining the best care by the lifeguard by the President of the Brazilian Lifesaving Society, Dr. David Szpilman. September 1997

Flood and River Rescue in San Diego -- An overview of the San Diego Lifeguard River Rescue Team by team member Sgt. John Greenhalgh. September 1997

Lifeguard Scanning -- An Article from The Journal of Occupational Health and Safety -- Australia and New Zealand (with published reply) (Dr. Peter J. Fenner, et al - 1999)

Lifeguard Skin Cancer Protection -- Methods of protecting lifeguards and promoting lifeguard image successfully employed by the San Diego Lifeguard Service. (Brewster - September 1997)

Prevention and Treatment of Marine Stings and Bites -- An overview by the Honorary Medical Officer of Surf Life Saving Australia. (Fenner -- September 1997)

Recognition and Observation of Potential Rescue Victims in an Open Water Environment -- USLA President William Richardson. September 1997

Rescue and Resuscitation in the South African Surf Zone -- Efficacy of the South African lifesaver and current challenges by the Provincial Medical Officer of SLSA, Dr. Glen Hagemann. September 1997


Dr David Szpilman CV